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Callum Mitchener


"My objective is to provide financial stability to my clients and their families, now and in the future, working with you to achieve your financial objectives and a stress free retirement."

Jeff Haydn


"We always put clients interests first and take the time to understand what matters most to them. Our goal is to enhance the financial position of all clients through wealth protection and creation advice that is appropriate to them."

Our Commitment


Ausure Financial Group is a boutique advice business based in 4 locations in Australia. All of our senior advisers have over 10 years experience advising clients on their wealth and are all highly qualified. Our advice team has been carefully targeted due to their reputation in the industry and their experience. Being non-institutionally aligned allows us to uphold our philosophy of respecting our clients finances and standing by the strategies we recommend.


Our advisers would like to be informed on every financial decision you make as a individual, family or business. Our commitment to our clients is that we create life long relationships to partner with you for your entire life journey. Our ongoing advice service will ensure your assets are invested and managed professionally based on current legislation and your tolerance to risk.


I encourage you to make contact with an adviser closest to you, or feel free to contact myself so I can give you a personal overview of our service.

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  Callum Mitchener  



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